Our Expertise

The partners have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property law and are both lawyers and patent and trademark agents. In addition, each partner has a pre-law technical degree. All of the firm's associates have technical degrees complementing those of the partners.


As trademark lawyers and registered trademark agents, we arrange for trademark searches and provide opinions regarding whether a trademark is available for use and registration in Canada.

We file and prosecute trademark applications in Canada for a variety of words, designs, combinations thereof and other trademark elements such as numbers, shapes, colours, taste, scents and sounds covering goods and services over a multitude of areas of industry and channels of trade. We manage trademark portfolios for numerous companies across diverse industries. Our strategic approach to trademark prosecution and portfolio management allows us to be both effective and efficient in obtaining positive results for our clients.

In addition, we assist our clients with the enforcement of their trademark rights in order to maintain the distinctiveness of their trademarks in Canada. We handle both trademark oppositions before the Canadian Trademarks Office and actions for trademark infringement and passing off before the Canadian courts.


Our lawyers include registered patent agents and certified specialists in patent law. We have years of experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications for a variety of clients including large corporations, mid-sized companies, universities, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. We collaborate with international law firms in filing and prosecuting patent applications before the Canadian Patent Office. We recognize the value of our clients’ technologies and develop customized strategies for maximizing the value of these technologies through the patent system in Canada and by other legal means where appropriate.

Our lawyers have diverse technical backgrounds for handling a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from mechanical technology to life sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. We are well positioned to provide innovative, practical and cost effective strategies to our clients in order to maximize the strength and value of their patent portfolios.

Industrial Design

An industrial design - known as a design patent in the US – is an important form of intellectual property protection. This form of intellectual property covers the unique appearance of a functional object. It can be an important tool in preventing infringers from making direct copies of a product. PNK Law is a leading Canadian law firm in filing and prosecuting industrial design applications in Canada over a variety of industries. Our experience and expertise allows us to maximize intellectual property for all aspects of our clients’ distinctive and innovative products.


Our litigation team has decades of combined experience representing plaintiffs and defendants of all sizes, from start-ups to large multi-nationals, in all types of intellectual property litigation across a wide range of industries. With a proven track record of success, PNK Law is routinely entrusted with our clients’ most important IP litigation matters.

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